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The teacher doesn't have to write (or type) a Math homework, make copies, distribute it to students, collect them back, grade them and finally tabulate scores. Students don't have to worry about forgetting homework at home or about their dog eating it. This is year 2000 and internet can help you out. The homework feature in MathDrill works in 4 steps. Steps 1 and 4 require a teacher to login as a teacher from his or her browser while steps 2 and 3 require a student to login as a kid from his or her browser. Click on the links of the table below to see annotated screen shots of each step.
Step#By TeacherBy Student (Kid)
1 Assign a homework  
2   Check for assigned homeworks
3   Submit a homework
4 Look at graded submissions  

Screen Shot for Step#3 : Submit a homework
(You must do Step#2 first by going to the Check for Homework page. Click at the desired homework# in the table there. That will bring up the Problems page configured to show the required number of problems instead of the usual 10. It will also set the mode and fill the Teacher and Homework# fields automatically.)
This is only a SCREEN SHOT.

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